Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center

  Principal Investigator    Marco Pahor, M.D.  352-294-5800
  Program Administrator    Lauren Crump, MPH  352-294-5800

The mission of the University of Florida Older Americans Independence Center (OAIC) is twofold: 1) to optimize older persons’ physical performance and mobility through interdisciplinary approaches; and 2) to train new investigators in aging and disability research while developing their leadership qualities. Our goal is to enhance late-life health and independence, with a special focus on mobility. To accomplish our mission, our strategy is to attract studies and inventive investigators from diverse behavioral, clinical, basic, and technological science disciplines with a common research focus: “mobility and prevention of disability.” Traversing the entire spectrum of biomedical investigation, including molecular biology, animal studies, clinical research, behavioral sciences, epidemiology, and engineering, our research effort addresses the OAIC’s general goal: to increase scientific knowledge that leads to better ways to maintain or restore independence of older people. Our research objectives are to: 1) assess, using translational research (among diverse disciplines), the biological, co-morbid, psychosocial, behavioral, and other factors that contribute to physical function decline, loss of mobility, and progression toward disability; and 2) develop and reliably test, in clinical and preclinical studies, interventions that target mobility to prevent, delay, or recover the age-related declines in physical function. Our educational objective is to train future leaders in clinical translational research on aging. To meet these objectives the proposed OAIC trains Junior Scholars and supports investigators, resources, services, external studies, development projects, and pilot/exploratory studies through seven integrated cores: Leadership and Administrative Core; Research Education Core; Pilot/Exploratory Studies Core; Clinical Research Core; Metabolism and Translational Science Core; Biostatistics Core; and Data Science and Applied Technology Core. A relevant strength of the proposed OAIC is the concerted action of the interdisciplinary cores, projects, and investigators who address one common research focus spanning the entire spectrum of biomedical investigation.

Research hypotheses:
  • Multiple biological, co-morbid, psychosocial, cognitive, and behavioral factors contribute to agerelated physical function decline, loss of mobility, and progression to disability.
  • Interventions that target individual or multiple biological, co-morbid, psychosocial, cognitive, and behavioral risk factors of physical function decline avert the loss of mobility and prevent disability.
Research objectives:
  • Assess, by taking advantage of a bidirectional translation between basic and clinical research, the multiple factors that contribute to physical function decline, loss of mobility, and progression to disability.
  • Develop and test pharmacological, nutritional, and behavioral interventions for preventing decline in physical function, loss of mobility, and progression to disability.
Educational objectives:
  • Educate and train new investigators in research on aging and disability in older adults.
  • Develop leadership qualities and roles in Junior Scholars supported by the OAIC.
  • Develop skills for translating findings between basic and clinical research.
Operational objectives:
  • To provide outstanding investigators and state-of-the-art resources, environment, and services to support the above-mentioned research and educational objectives.

  Biostatistical Design and Analysis Core (BDAC)
Leader 1:    Samuel Wu, PhD
No Description

Clinical Research Core (CRC)
Leader 1:    Stephen Anton, PhD
No Description

Data and Analysis Core (DAC)
Leader 1:    Todd Manini, PhD
Leader 2:    Sanjay Ranka, PhD
No Description

Leadership and Administrative Core (LAC)
Leader 1:    Marco Pahor, MD
The Leadership and Administrative Core (LAC) is responsible for strategic planning, organization, administrative operations, and evaluation of the Older Americans Independence Center (OAIC) research and training program. A special effort is devoted to ensure the cohesion of the Center and maintain an interdisciplinary and translational research focus on the common research theme, which is “mobility and prevention of disability.” The Core Leader and three committees achieve the key LAC tasks. The Executive Committee, which is composed of the OAIC core leaders, administers, governs, provides scientific guidance, and sets productivity benchmarks for the OAIC. The External Advisory Board, which is composed of experts external to the institution, reviews all OAIC activities and provides overall scientific guidance to the OAIC. The Independent Review Panel, which is composed of ad hoc experts (at least one third external to the institution), reviews proposed support for development projects, and pilot/exploratory studies. Taken together, the LAC provides support for planning, organizational, evaluation, and administrative activities relating to the other cores and to the OAIC as a whole. The LAC monitors, stimulates, sustains, evaluates, and reports progress toward the overall goals of the OAIC.

Metabolism and Translational Science
Leader 1:    Christiaan Leeuwenburgh, PhD
No Description

Pilot and Exploratory Studies Core (PESC)
Leader 1:    Yenisel Cruz-Almeida, Ph.D.
Leader 2:    Rui Xiao, Ph.D
The Pilot/Exploratory Studies Core serves to develop key information needed to select and design future, original and independently funded studies that can advance our insight into sarcopenia and prevention of disability in older Americans. Specifically, the core fosters the Pilot and Exploratory studies by ensuring the availability of optimal infrastructure, environment, funding, expertise, and instrumentation. Pilot and Exploratory studies foster Junior Scholars in their efforts to develop research careers in aging by providing opportunities for meaningful participation in well-designed research studies and by collecting the needed preliminary data for independent research applications. Furthermore, these studies will allow investigators already accomplished in aging research to gather data that will extend and broaden their focus of research. Finally, these studies will also be a vehicle to encourage and facilitate experienced investigators traditionally working in other research fields to focus on aging.

Research Education Component (REC)
Leader 1:    Christiaan Leeuwenburgh, PhD
Leader 2:    Kenneth Cusi, MD
The REC promotes the development of independent investigators in interdisciplinary research on aging relevant to the independence of older Americans. One of our major goals is to identify the most promising Junior Scholars with research relevant to the OAIC theme at UF & VA and to provide them with mentorship, training activities, access to OAIC Core resources and funding and enable them to become independent investigators in interdisciplinary aging research. Furthermore, this core emphasizes the development of leadership, and research skills for translating basic findings into clinical research and clinical findings into basic research. The REC supports the research training of OAIC Junior Scholars that span the spectrum from beginning trainees who are not yet funded to advanced trainees who already have competed successfully for career development grants that provide substantial salary support.

  B. RESEARCH (3 Projects Listed)
  Leader(s): KIM, JAE-SUNG
    NIH R01DK079879 / (2007-2020)
  DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Mitochondrial dysfunction is the major mechanism precipitating I/R injury which commonly occurs during liver surgery, trauma, hemorrhagic shock and liver transplantation. Sirtuin 1 (SIRT1) is an NAD+-dependent deacetylase that induces longevity, stress resistance and tumor suppression. The role of SIRT1 in ischemia/reperfusion-mediated liver injury is unknown. The goal of this study is to investigate the role of SIRT1 in I/Rinjury to liver and to develop therapeutic strategies to improve liver function after I/R. Our principal hypothesis is that calpain-dependent SIRT1 loss causes a sequential chain of defective mitophagy, mitochondrial permeability transition (MPT) onset and hepatocyte death after I/R. Accordingly, we propose that restoration or enhancement of hepatic SIRT1 will promote mitophagy and consequently ameliorate mitochondrial failure and liver dysfunction after reperfusion. To test our hypothesis, we will use hepatocytes isolated from SIRT1 wild type (WT) and knockout (KO) mice for characterization of cellular mechanisms causing SIRT1 depletion, defective mitophagy, and onset of the MPT and cell death after I/R. In addition, we will use anesthetized WT and KO SIRT1 mice to confirm and extend our in vitro findings to an in vivo model of hepatic I/R. Finally, we will extend and translate our findings from mice into human liver biopsies. These studies provide critical mechanistic insights into lethal I/R injury to the lver, and will establish novel therapeutic approaches for improving I/R-mediated liver failure.
  Leader(s): EFRON, PHILIP A
    NIH R01GM113945 / (2015-2020)
  DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): People of advanced age (greater than 55 years old) have significantly increased morbidity and mortality after trauma. Since the elderly population is expanding, research into this disease process is increasingly relevant, especially with the escalating economic and health care burdens on our society. Despite decades of promising preclinical and clinical investigations in trauma, our understanding of this entity and why its effects are exacerbated in the elderly remains incomplete, with few therapies demonstrating success in any patient population. Recently, several aspects of innate immunity have been determined to be of vital importance to the young adult immune response, and this response is suboptimal in the aged after severe injury and subsequent infections. Specifically, neutrophils are replaced after inflammation through a process known as 'emergency myelopoiesis.' This occurs after severe injury when bone marrow granulocyte stores are rapidly released, and increased stem cell proliferation and differentiation along myeloid pathways results. Proper differentiation of myeloid cells from stem cells is dependent on activation of nuclear factor kappaB (NFB), a protein complex that partially controls DNA transcription after stressful stimuli. Anappropriate emergency myelopoietic response to inflammation is essential to host survival but appears to be inadequate in the elderly as compared to younger patients. Specifically, we hypothesize that the myelodysplasia associated with aging modifies the emergency myelopoietic response to traumatic injury, resulting in inappropriate differentiation and maturation of myeloid cells, leaving the host susceptible to subsequent infection. We further propose that this failure of emergency myelopoiesis is due to age-associated, chronic activation of NFB-dependent inflammatory pathways, and a failure of hematopoietic stems cells (LSK populations) after trauma to create functional myeloid populations in a NFB-dependent manner. Using a novel murine polytrauma (PT) model of murine hemorrhagic shock and injury that better recapitulates the human condition, we will: (1) determine if certain hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), specifically short term-HSCs (ST-HSCs), fail to properly expand and differentiate along myeloid pathways in the elderly response to trauma, and, if the resultant dysfunctional neutrophil population seen in the elderly after trauma results from these suboptimal ST-HSCs; (2) determine if the defects in aged ST-HSC function after severe injury, as compared to their juvenile counterparts, are caused by a chronic low-grade NFB-dependent inflammatory state and a subsequent failure to appropriately activate NFB-dependent pathways after trauma; and, (3) determine if the HSC senescence associated with elderly humans after severe trauma is also due to a failure to appropriately activate NFB-dependent pathways in bone marrow HSCs. This work proposes that increased susceptibility to infection after trauma in aging is due, at least in part, to defects in myelopoiesis that lead to genotypically, phenotypically and functionally deranged PMNs that fail to control infection. The third specific aim will translate our 'bench side' animal work to humans and this innovative approach could identify areas for intervention in cell types that are still exhibit plasticity.
    NIH R21AG064282 / (2019-2021)
  ABSTRACTMore than 80% of older adults have hypertension, with higher prevalence of high systolic blood pressure (SBP)putting them at high risk for cardiovascular (CV) disease and death. Because drug therapy that lowers SBP isassociated with side effects such as hypotension, syncope, and kidney dysfunction, there is a great need foreffective lifestyle SBP-lowering interventions for the older population that can replace drug therapy. Whileaerobic exercise is a recommended lifestyle intervention for controlling SBP and preventing CV diseasenaturally, in older adults it has been shown to be less effective in vascular-tissue remodeling because ofarterial stiffness, resulting in less efficient SBP control. Reduced bioavailability of nicotinamide adeninedinucleotide (NAD+), a cofactor for the deacetylase sirtuin1 (SIRT1), may contribute to age-related vasculardysfunction via oxidative stress and reduced nitric oxide (NO). Exercise-induced overexpression of NAD+-dependent SIRT1 improves the bioavailability of NO. Preclinical evidence suggests that poor vascular-functionimprovement in response to exercise in older mice is caused by insufficient NAD+ levels to stimulate SIRT1activity. Importantly, replenishment of NAD+ levels induced vascular remodeling, improved vascularfunction, and reduced SBP in mice. An objective of this study, therefore, is to test a combination of aerobicexercise and nicotinamide riboside, a compound that replenishes NAD+ levels, to optimize exercise's SBP-lowering effect in hypertensive older adults. Initial human clinical trials demonstrated that nicotinamide ribosidesupplementation (1,000 mg/day) was safe and showed a higher potential to reduce SBP and arterial stiffnessin participants with elevated SBP. As we have preclinical evidence that combining NAD+ replenishment withexercise is an ideal strategy for improving vascular function, our central hypothesis is that the intervention ofaerobic-exercise training combined with nicotinamide riboside supplementation will reduce SBP inhypertensive older adults more effectively than will exercise alone. We will enroll 45 participants 65 years andolder into either: (1) 1,000 mg/day of nicotinamide riboside plus 3 days/week of supervised, center-basedwalking exercise, or (2) the same exercise program combined with placebo, or (3) 1,000 mg/day ofnicotinamide riboside alone. All participants will undergo daytime continuous SBP and arterial-stiffnessmeasurements by pulse-wave velocity at baseline and at 6 weeks. Elevated SBP will then be determined asdaytime average above 130 mmHg, measured by the 24-hour blood-pressure device. To our knowledge, thisstudy will be the first attempt to enhance exercise therapy with nicotinamide riboside in hypertensive olderadults. We believe that nicotinamide riboside is ?the missing piece of the puzzle? in improving vascularremodeling and SBP management in older adults. Preliminary evidence from this pilot study may support a full-scale Phase III clinical trial in hypertensive older adults. The ultimate goal of this line of research is to findadjuvant strategies to improve the exercise's SBP-lowering effects in older adults.
  C. PILOT/EXPLORATORY PROJECTS (0 Pilot Projects Listed)
  No pilot/exploratory projects.
  D. DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS (0 Development Projects Listed)
  No development projects.
REC Scholar, Research & Grants Funded During Pepper Supported Time Years Publications

None specified.

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