Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center

Principal Investigator    Raymond Yung, M.D.  734-647-9746
Program Administrator    Stephanie Gatica, B.A.  734-763-1118

Funded by the NIA as the nations first Geriatric Research and Training Center in 1989, the University of Michigan (UM) Pepper Center has evolved to meet the objectives of the OAIC program with successful competing renewals as an OAIC in 1994, 1999, 2004, 2009, 2015, and 2020. Thus, our Center is completing its 31st consecutive year of operation in 2020. The overarching goal of the UM Pepper Center is to create, enhance and maintain a cohesive intellectual, technological, and administrative environment to maximize geriatrics research that will promote health and functional independence in older adults.   Drawing on the large base of research currently underway in the fields of geriatrics and gerontology at UM, the UM Pepper Center fosters collaborative multidisciplinary research to integrate basic science, clinical science, and health services research relevant to the health care problems of older adults. The UM Pepper Center grant supports important research activities of the UM Geriatrics Center. Founded in 1987, the Geriatrics Center is the umbrella organization for geriatrics research, education, and patient care at the University of Michigan.

The specific goals of the UM Pepper Center are:

1.    To support research that will improve understanding of how metabolic factors and inflammation interact with age-related diseases and comorbidities to determine key health outcomes related to mobility and functional status.

2.    To support translational research on the interaction of metabolic factors and inflammation with age-related diseases and comorbidities to improve health outcomes related to mobility and functional status.

3.    To provide Resource Cores that support and assist investigator-initiated projects related to the UM Pepper Center’s research focus.

4.    Through its Research Education Core (REC), to strengthen the UM environment for training of future academic leaders in geriatrics and aging who can conduct research related to the UM Pepper Center’s research focus.

5.    Through its Pilot and Exploratory Studies Core (PESC), to attract UM junior faculty, as well as selected senior faculty not previously involved in aging research, to develop new research projects related to the UM Pepper Center’s research focus.

Faculty from the following UM Schools and Institutes are involved: the Institute of Gerontology, School of Public Health, Institute for Social Research, Medical School, College of Engineering, School of Nursing, School of Social Work, and College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. As of 2018 there were 89 active NIA grants at the UM with over $60 million/year of total costs. The UM OAIC’s faculty participant data base includes a total of 239 current UM faculty who have 221 current external grants relevant to the UM Pepper Center’s focus totaling over $57 million/year direct costs.

Leadership and Administrative Core (LAC)
Leader 1:    Raymond Yung, MD
Leader 2:    Lona Mody, MD, MSc

A well-defined and effective Leadership Administrative Core (LAC) that supports the rich activities of the OAIC is already in place. The faculty and staff in the LAC have proven leadership and administrative skills. The LAC will foster critical interactions among the OAIC Program Director, the OAIC Core Directors/Co-Directors and the leadership structure of the Institution as a whole. These linkages are fostered by the proven administrative structure, which requires meetings of the OAIC leadership on a regular and ongoing basis, and of key advisory committees: the UM Geriatrics Center’s Research Operating Committee (ROC) and the OAIC External Advisory Board (EAB). The ROC, led by two fellowship-trained geriatricians/physician scientists (Yung, Mody) with complementary expertise and research interests, provides strategic planning, coordination and oversight for all OAIC activities. The membership of the ROC includes the LAC Leader and Co-Leader, the former OAIC Director, the ten other OAIC Core Directors/Co-Directors, and Geriatrics Center administrative leaders.

Research Education Component (REC)
Leader 1:    Neil B. Alexander, MD
Leader 2:    Lillian Min, MD, MSHS
Leader 3:    Carrie Karvonen-Gutierrez
The REC is a component of the Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center, funded by the National Institute on Aging. The primary goal of the Research Education Core is to recruit, select, support, mentor, and train junior faculty to become independent investigators in aging-related research and academic leaders in geriatrics and gerontology within their respective disciplines. The REC focuses on stimulating the translation between basic and clinical research across the spectrum of its training activities, including the annual research education core retreat(link is external). To this end it serves a critical function in supporting the overall OAIC focus by training the next generation of investigators whose research will lead to an improved understanding of the predictors and modulators of the aging phenotype.

Pilot and Exploratory Studies Core (PESC)
Leader 1:    Lona Mody, MD
Leader 2:    Daniel R. Goldstein, MD

The goal of the Pilot and Exploratory Studies Core is to provide support for studies that will develop and test new research ideas of high relevance to the Center's overall theme:

“To improve understanding of how metabolic factors and inflammation interact with age-related diseases and comorbidities to determine key health outcomes related to mobility and functional status”

The PESC will thus fund pilot research studies over a wide range of disciplines, ranging from basic genetics and physiology through behavioral and health services research.

Leader 1:    James Ashton-Miller, PhD
Leader 2:    Neil Alexander, MD

The Biomechanics Core provides an array of techniques and equipment for the precise experimental quantification of physical functioning of healthy and frail elders in order to investigate attributes of the aging phenotype. It also supplies support for theoretical investigations in the form of computer simulation models to analyze the elements of those functional abilities and to establish the major determinants of abilities to perform motor acts in an effective manner. The Core is physically based in the Biomechanics Research Laboratory(link is external) (directed by Dr. Ashton-Miller) and the Mobility Research Center(link is external) (directed by Dr. Alexander).

Physical disabilities are epidemic in the elderly. Whatever the underlying pathologies, these disabilities express themselves in biomechanical terms: reduced muscular strengths and rates of developing strengths, limited ranges and speeds of motion, reduced afferent feedback, inappropriate body segment coordination patterns, difficulty with balance and fall arrests, and even impaired pelvic floor and continence system function.

The Biomechanics Core will contribute to the development of academic leaders in geriatrics by helping interested faculty and their fellows to analyze a range of geriatric problems through biomechanical research techniques. Thus, it will train them through directed study involving background reviews, hypothesis generation, interdisciplinary pilot research projects, and data analysis and interpretation to examine issues adversely affecting the physical abilities of the elderly.

Core Facility for Aged Rodents (CFAR)
Leader 1:    Richard Miller, MD, PhD

The Core Facility for Aged Rodents, CFAR, has been a major feature of the University of Michigan Claude Pepper Center since its inception in 1989. CFAR serves the needs of Pepper Center investigators through four Specific Aims.

  1. CFAR will provide advice to all OAIC investigators, from student through faculty levels, in the use of rodents for research into the biology of aging and its role in late life disease.
  2. CFAR will support specialized colonies of mice particularly well suited for research on the biology of aging and its relationship to late-life disease. These include (a) genetically heterogeneous mice of the UM-HET3 stock; (b) calorically restricted UM-HET3 mice; and (c) mice of the long-lived Snell dwarf (dw/dw) stock, carrying the Pit1 dw mutation. Mice from these colonies will be provided to faculty members working on Pilot Studies Exploratory Core (PESC) and Research Career Development Core (RCDC) research projects, as well as to Geriatrics Center faculty members who wish to conduct pilot studies on mouse aging supported by other sources of NIA funds.
  3. CFAR funds will support the development of new animal models for specific purposes. In the first year, these will include a new four-way cross suitable for studies of late-life hearing loss.

Design, Data, and Biostatistics Core (DDBC)
Leader 1:    Andrzej Galecki, PhD, MD
Leader 2:    Julie Bynum, M.D., M.Ph.
The Design, Data, and Biostatistics Core (DDBC) will provide technical support and training of investigators developing or performing intervention and other geriatric research projects examining the aging phenotype and outcomes research. It will also develop new instruments, methodologies, and data archives to enable future studies. Thus the DDBC will both address techniques for appropriate design and execution of current experiments and set the foundation for future research studies. Building on our experience with the UM Pepper Center, the DDBC will address the needs of OAIC investigators, and especially junior investigators, for assistance in the design of intervention experiments, and the collection, maintenance, analysis, and interpretation of their data.

Human Subjects and Assessment (HSAC)
Leader 1:    Raymond Yung, MD
Leader 2:    Kenneth Langa, MD, PhD

The Human Subjects and Assessment Core (HSAC) supports activities involving human subjects at the University of Michigan Claude D. Pepper Center.  It has four specific aims:

  • HSAC will establish, maintain, and facilitate access to human subjects and related data sets.
  • HSAC will expand, promote and facilitate access to minority human subjects through collaborative linkages with the Wayne State University Institute of Gerontology (WSU IoG).
  • HSAC aims to provide selected efficient physical health measures, which will complement our existing collection of self-reported health, health care utilization, and psychosocial measures in subject selection.
  • HSAC will provide training and consultation to investigators on issues related to (a) recruitment and retention of human subjects, and (b) measurement of quality of life and psychosocial factors closely linked with aging phenotype.

REC Scholar, Research & Grants Funded During Pepper Supported Time Years Publications
Jiha Lee, MD, MHS
Assistant Professor / University of Michigan
Assistant Professor
2019-2021  0 (0 1st/Sr)
Xiaoling Xiang
Assistant Professor / University of Michigan School of Social Work
Acceptability of home care worker-supported, technology-based treatment for late-life depression in non-skilled home care
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation (#02748.II) Happy@Home: Training personal care aides to administer online therapy for depression in homecare seniors Role: Principal Investigator Direct cost: $65,000 Dates: 04/01/2019-09/30/2020
  • Michigan-HHS/DHHS-Medicare/Medicaid (E20202768-00) MIP: Implementation of technology-assisted psychotherapy in non-skilled home care. Role: Principal Investigator Direct cost: $36,872 Dates: 10/01/2019-09/30/2020
  • Michigan-HHS/DHHS-Medicare/Medicaid (E20193400-00) MIP: Implementation of technology-assisted psychotherapy in non-skilled home care. Role: Principal Investigator Direct cost: $28,128 Dates: 04/01/2019-09/30/2019
  • University of Michigan Mcubed Diamond Cube (#9501) Improving Quality of Care for Memory Loss Patients Role: Co-Investigator (PI: D. Maust) Direct cost: $60,000 Dates: 06/01/2019-05/31/2020

2019-2021  57 (31 1st/Sr)

Past Scholars
Marco Cassone, MD, PhD, University of Michigan, Geriatrics & Palliative Medicine (2018-2020)
Jaclynn Hawkins, University of Michigan School of Social Work (2019-2020)

1. Project Title: Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management in Older African American Men: A Peer Leader Pilot Intervention
  Leader: Jaclyn Hawkins

PESC Year 16 (7/1/20-6/30/21)

The overall objectives of the proposed study are to: (1) systematically adapt and preliminarily validate a peer leader type 2 diabetes (T2D) self-management support intervention designed to improve diabetes-related lifestyle and self-management behaviors in older Black men with T2D and (2) to evaluate the relevance and acceptability of the adapted intervention in preparation for subsequent trials.

2. Project Title: De-escalation of bDMARDS in Rheumatoid Arthritis in Older Adults with RA
  Leader: Jiha Lee

PESC Year 16 (7/1/20-6/30/21)

The overarching goal of this project is to test the feasibility of identifying de-escalation of bDMARDs using Medicare claims data necessary for me to study drivers of variation in de-escalation of bDMARDs among older adults with RA.  

3. Project Title: Home-delivered Meals to Prevent Recurrent Hepatic Encephalopathy in Older Adults
  Leader: Elliot Tapper

PESC Year 16 (7/1/20-6/30/21)

The goal is to determine if home delivered meal programs reduce the recurrent risk of hepatic encephalophaty

4. Project Title: Pathway to De-escalation: Characterizing antibiotic prescribing cascades in older adults
  Leader: Valerie Vaughn

PESC Year 16 (7/1/20-6/30/21)

The goal is to describe the full phenotype of non-specific signs and symptoms in older adults entering into the antibiotic prescribing cascade and identify risk factors associated with such symptoms.

5. Project Title: Probing the relationship of the neuromuscular junction on muscle stem cells in aging
  Leader: Carlos Aguilar

PESC Year 15 (7/1/19-6/30/20)

6. Project Title: Exploring the impact of neuronal vulnerability to aging-related disorders on spatial learning in C. elegans model organism
  Leader: Daniela Ponce-Balbuena

PESC Year 15 (7/1/19-6/30/20)

7. Project Title: Ectonucleotidase modulation of age determined vascular calcification and fibrosis
  Leader: Nadia Sutton

PESC Year 15 (7/1/19-6/30/20)

8. Project Title: Diet-induced cellular senescence and thermogenic fat function
  Leader: Jun Wu

PESC Year 15 (7/1/19-6/30/20)

9. Project Title: Exploring the impact of neuronal vulnerability to aging-related disorders on spatial learning in C. elegans model organism
  Leader: Eleni Gourgou

PESC Year 15 (7/1/19-6/30/20)

10. Project Title: Recommendations and Alerting for Delirium Alleviation in Real-Time (RADAR): Pilot Trial
  Leader: Phillip Vlisides

PESC Year 15 (7/1/19-6/30/20)

11. Project Title: Towards a Culturally Responsive Intervention for Black Caregivers of Persons with Dementia
  Leader: Sheria Robinson-Lane

PESC Year 15 (7/1/19-6/30/20)

12. Project Title: How metabolic profiles change with aging and are affected by protein aggregation
  Leader: Matthias Truttman

PESC Year 15 (7/1/19-6/30/20)

DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS (2 Development Projects Listed)
1. Project Title: Design, Data and Biostatistics Core Development Project
  Leader: Andrzej Galecki; Julie Bynum

Software tools for separable covariance models in multivariate longitudinal data/repeated measures analysis.

2. Project Title: Biomechanics Core Development Project
  Leader: James Ashton-Miller

Develop a real time sensor to detect hyponatremia

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Kenneth Schmader
Duke University
Serving since 2017 (4 years)

Nathan LaBrasseur
Mayo Clinic
Serving since 2017 (4 years)

Stephen Kritchevsky
Wake Forest University
Serving since 2017 (4 years)

Kenneth Covinsky
Serving since 2020 (1 years)

Henry Paulson (2020)
  • 2016 elected Fellow in the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences
  • American Academy of Neurology Annual Movement Disorders Research Award, 2020
  • NINDS Landis 2020 Outstanding Mentor Award


General Brief Description of Minority Activities:


The following lists recent articles focusing on minority health and disparities authored by University of Michigan Pepper Center faculty and trainees.


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Minority Trainee(s):
  • Carlos Aguilar, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan Biomedical Engineering
    PESC 2019: Probing the relationship of the neuromuscular junction muscle stem cells in aging
  • Daniela Ponce-Balbuena, Ph.D, Research Investigator, University of Michigan Cardiovascular Medicine
    PESC 2019: Exploring the impact of neuronal vulnerability to aging-related disorders on spatial learning in C. elegans model organism
  • Jaclynn Hawkins, Ph.D. , Assistant Professor, University of Michigan School of Social Work, Associate Director of the Gender and Health Research Lab’
    REC & PESC Recipient 2020 Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management in Older African American Men: A Peer Leader Pilot Intervention
  • Sheria Robinson-Lane, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan School of Nursing
    PESC 2019: Towards a Culturally Responsive Intervention for Black Caregivers of Persons with Dementia

Minority Grant(s):