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Project Type: Pilot Study
Project Title: mTOR inhibition in the elderly: Immune, cognitive and functional consequences
Principal Investigator: Dean Kellogg, MD
  Other Key Investigator (1): Ellen Kraig, PhD
  Other Key Investigator (2):
  Other Key Investigator (3):
  Other Key Investigator (4):
Project Start Date: 05/16/2016
Projected End Date: 05/14/2017
Associated Center: University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
Associated Core(s): Pilot and Exploratory Studies Core
RC2 (Clinical Research Core)
RC3 (Biostatistics and Informatics Core)
Brief Description: The purpose of the pilot study is to define the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of rapamycin (RAPA) in healthy elderly humans (age 70-95 years). A cohort of older humans (10 male and 10 female) is being studied to test the hypothesis that RAPA treatment, results in simultaneous improvement in systems known to be negatively affected by aging. The investigators are focusing on the immune system, cognition, and physical function. Subjects are randomized to either RAPA or placebo, controlling for sex and age. These groups will be used to address the following specific aims: Aim 1. Assess general parameters of immune health before and after RAPA treatment; these include serum inflammatory cytokines, PBMC subsets (naïve vs memory T cells, TREGS, etc.), and polyclonal T cell activation potential. PBMCs are also being banked to allow future expression profiling. Aim 2. Test the effects of RAPA treatment on responsiveness to a vaccine challenge; B cell (antibody) and T cell responses are being assessed in response to a viral immunogen (the trivalent seasonal flu vaccine, Afluria). Aim 3. Correlate immune function rejuvenation with cognitive and physical function measures in subjects treated with RAPA or placebo. Fecal samples are also being collected and banked for future analyses of the gut microbiome which could well contribute to RAPA-induced changes in immune parameters.
Project Keywords: Cognitive Function
Human Subjects
Physical Function
mTOR; rapamycin

Registered By: Renee Hill
Registered On: 01/05/2017
Project Status: Active