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Project Type: Externally Funded
Project Title: Renal Function and Chronic Kidney Disease in Aging (BICARBONATE Study)
Principal Investigator: Snezana Petrovic, PhD
  Other Key Investigator (1): Stephen Kritchevsky, PhD
  Other Key Investigator (2): Thomas DuBose, MD
  Other Key Investigator (3): Michael Miller, PhD
  Other Key Investigator (4): Kristen Beavers, PhD
Project Start Date: 01/01/2016
Projected End Date: 11/30/2017
Associated Center: Wake Forest University
Associated Core(s): RC1 (Clinical Research Core)
RC2 (Biostatistics & Research Information Systems Core)
RC3 (Integrative Biology Core)
RC4 (BioImaging Resource Core)
Brief Description: We therefore hypothesized that decreasing metabolic acid production by titrating dietary acid load may ameliorate the generally expected, age-related decline in kidney function, decrease loss of lean body mass, preserve physical function, and ameliorate disability. The objectives of this exploratory R21 project are to establish the feasibility of the proposed approach in the elderly and the project is designed to follow three Specific Aims: Aim 1. Recruit and randomize 80 elderly participants to an oral bicarbonate intervention aimed at titrating net dietary acid load or placebo. The purpose of this aim is to determine the feasibility of achieving ~ 50% reduction in net acid excretion (NAE/Cr meq/g) by the kidney at 6 months in elderly participants following oral bicarbonate supplementation, compared to the placebo group. Aim 2. Ascertain recruitment yields, adherence to the assessment schedule, compliance with and sustainability of the intervention over 6 months; and collect data on variability and longitudinal correlation structure of the parameters related to potential endpoints of a future full-scale clinical trial (kidney function, lean body mass, and functional outcomes). Aim 3. Explore the feasibility of using metabolomics to detect effects of decreased net acid load on kidney function as a potentially more sensitive method of monitoring kidney function than current clinical markers. Importantly, metabolomics will provide clues about the metabolic pathways activated/deactivated during the intervention, and help determine the mechanism of the beneficial effect of decreased acid load on the kidney. This proof-of-principle proposal is a first step towards development of a new intervention to improve prevention and treatment of mobility disability. This is a randomized, double-blind; placebo-controlled trial designed as exploratory R21 project aimed to establish the feasibility of the oral bicarbonate supplementation in the elderly.
Project Keywords: Physical Function
Obesity/Weight Loss
Physical Function
Bicarbonate, kidney function

Registered By: Abby Archer
Registered On: 08/15/2016
Project Status: Active