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Project Type: Pilot Study
Project Title: The Sympathetic Nervous System Regulates the Stability of the Neuromuscular Junction with Aging
Principal Investigator: Christina Furdui, PhD
  Other Key Investigator (1): Osvaldo Delbono
  Other Key Investigator (2):
  Other Key Investigator (3):
  Other Key Investigator (4):
Project Start Date: 04/15/2016
Projected End Date: 03/31/2018
Associated Center: Wake Forest University
Associated Core(s): Pilot and Exploratory Studies Core
Brief Description: we propose a new, quadripartite model-composed of the motor neuron axon, postsynaptic myofiber specialization, tSCs, and sympathetic neuron axon-by which myofiber sympathetic innervation directly innervate the myofiber at the NMJ, regulate motor innervation and autophagy, and stabilizes the NMJ. We hypothesize that (1) the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) innervates the skeletal muscle at the mouse NMJ, while age-dependent sympathetic denervation leads to NMJ instability, disorganization, and motor denervation; and (2) maintenance of sympathetic innervation significantly prevents motor denervation, NMJ functional decline, and sarcopenia with aging.
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Registered By: Abby Archer
Registered On: 08/15/2016
Project Status: Active