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Project Type: Externally Funded
Project Title: Understanding the Physiology of Bioenergetics and Aging Trial (UPBEAT)
Principal Investigator: Anthony Molina, PhD
  Other Key Investigator (1): Jamehl Demons, MD
  Other Key Investigator (2): Mary Lyles, MD
  Other Key Investigator (3): Dalane Kitzman, MD
  Other Key Investigator (4):
Project Start Date: 07/15/2015
Projected End Date: 06/30/2017
Associated Center: Wake Forest University
Associated Core(s): RC1 (Clinical Research Core)
RC3 (Integrative Biology Core)
RC4 (BioImaging Resource Core)
Brief Description: This study will test the hypothesis that skeletal muscle bioenergetic decline, due to mitochondrial dysfunction, is a major contributor to exercise intolerance in patients with HFpEF. This hypothesis is based on multiple lines of evidence indicating that: 1) older HFpEF patients have reduced peak exercise arteriovenous-oxygen difference that contributes to reduced peak VO2; 2) improved peak exercise arteriovenous-oxygen difference accounts for nearly all peak VO2 improvement in HFpEF patients following endurance training; 3) skeletal muscle oxidative metabolism is reduced in HFpEF; 4) impaired skeletal muscle oxygen utilization limits exercise performance in HFpEF; and 5) HFpEF patients have fewer type-I oxidative muscle fibers.
Project Keywords: Physical Function
Human Subjects
Obesity/Weight Loss
mitochondrial quality control, muscle samples,

Registered By: Abby Archer
Registered On: 08/15/2016
Project Status: Active