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Level PhD FED - Jr Faculty
Name Academic Career Award (K07)
Agency NIH
Frequency/Deadlines Cycle I - 2/12; Cycle II - 6/12; Cycle III - 10/12
Amount In addition to paying 25% to 50% of the Academic Leader’s salary, the funds may be used to provide pilot funding for research by junior faculty, for curriculum development in the area of aging being expanded, for travel of junior faculty to other sites to learn techniques or to develop collaborations, for guest faculty to work with the junior faculty on particular research skills or for any additional activity that helps build the research area at the institution.
Duration The total project period may not exceed 5 years.
Qualifications K07 Development award: This award provides up to 5 years (a minimum of 3 years is required) of salary and research support for more junior investigators who are interested in developing academic and research expertise in a particular health-related field, as a way to increase the overall pool of individuals capable of research or teaching in the identified area. During the period of the award, the candidate will become a successful academic researcher in the chosen area. Research, teaching, and leadership skills are to be learned during the tenure of the award. Curriculum building skills are encouraged. A mentor is required. A minimum of 9 person months (75%) of full-time professional effort is required annually; the remainder may be devoted to other research related and/or teaching pursuits consonant with the objectives of the award. K07 Leadership award: This award provides support for up to 5 years (a minimum of 2 years is required) for more senior investigators who are interested in improving the curricula and enhancing the health-related research capacity within an academic institution. The Leadership candidate must have acknowledged scientific expertise and leadership skills and sufficient clinical training, research, or teaching experience in the academic area of interest to an NIH awarding component to implement a program of curriculum development within the sponsoring institution. It is expected that support under this award will increase the visibility and the overall research support or academic capacity for the given field of research within the academic medical/health and research community. At least 3 person months (25%) but not more than 6 person months (50%) of full-time professional effort must be devoted to the program annually.