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Level MD FED - Jr Faculty
Name Paul B. Beeson Career Development Awards in Aging (K08 & K23)
Agency NIA
Frequency/Deadlines Cycle I - 2/12; Cycle II - 6/12; Cycle III - 10/12
Amount applicants may seek up to $200,000 (direct costs) per year. Direct costs requested across all years may be no more than $600,000 for three year awards; $700,000 for four year awards; and $800,000 for five year awards. Awarded amounts may be significantly lower than these amounts
Duration 3-5 years
Qualifications This program is supported by NIA. This program provides 3-5 years of support to clinically-trained faculty members in strong research environments to enable them to gain skills and experience in aging research, under the guidance of a mentor or mentors, and to establish an independent program of research in this field.